2017-2018 All-Stars Placement Clinics

Tryout clinics for season 9 will be held the month of May.  The clinics will focus on different aspects of cheerleading at each practice.  Each athlete will be expected to learn a cheer and dance that they will perform at team evaluations.  Each athlete will also have an opportunity to perform their most elite standing and running tumbling passes.  Coaches will be evaluating stunting during the tryout clinics, therefore it is essential that everyone is present at the clinics to allow every athlete the oppotunity to perform in various positions.  Make sure you pick up the 2017-2018 All-Star Cheer Packet for more details.


Clinic Days For May

  Monday, May 22nd & Wednesday, May 24th 


Try-Outs (Team Evaluations)

  • Athletes will be required to schedule there 15 minute block for tryouts
  • You may choose to tryout with up to 2 friends
  • Tiny and Mini aged athletes are NOT required to tryout unless they are interested in double teaming onto a youth team
  • During tryouts the parent viewing area will be closed



Team Placement Policy 

        All team placements at Infinity Athletics are based upon placing each team in a position to score as high as possible in each competition.  Each team must be able to stunt, jump, tumble, and dance at a level that will enable them to maximize the score sheet.  This means that all athletes on each team may not have the same tumbling, stunting, jumping, or dance ability but we will build our teams to maximize each athletes potential.  Our focus is to build the strongest teams possible and to make sure each athlete is placed on a team where they can excel and have a positive experience.  It is essential that parents trust the judgement of each coach concerning team placements.  

       Infinity Athletics prides itself on INTEGRITY and will not jeopardize its reputation by making commitments or promises which cannot be fulfilled or would not be in the best interest of the athletes we serve.  Therefore, NO promises or negotiations regarding team placement will be made.  



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