Regional Prep Teams

All-Star Prep cheerleading was introduced to the industry 2 years ago. This program was developed for athletes and families that want to experience All-Star cheer, but without the big time commitments and cost.  All-star prep still includes tumbling, jumping, dancing, motion technique, stunting, overall performance, and choreography which are important in putting together a successful team.  We are currently the only gym in Northeast Ohio offering a full year All-Star Prep program.


  • Prep teams offer the same exact all-star experience as our national teams
  • Half the time commitment
  • Half the cost
  • Teams will compete locally and have the opportunity to win national titles
  • Perfect for athletes and families that are juggling a number of commitments

Teams are formed by the age bracket below governed by USASF.


All-Star Prep Age Brackets

  • Mini- Ages 7 & under
  • Youth-Ages 12 & under
  • Junior- Ages 14 & under
  • Senior- Ages 18 & under
  • Senior (Level 4&5)-Ages 12 to 18

*Age as of August 31, 2018 



Practice for these teams will be held once a week.  Team placement will determine the actual practice times.



The competetion schedule will have 3 to 4 regional competitions that will not require overnight travel.  The schedule for competitions will be finalized by August 31st. 



Monthly tuition payments will include monthly tuition, comp fees, camp fees, and coaches fees.  Unlimited tumbling can be added for an additional fee.  


Full-Year Prep Teams

  • Harmony- Mini Prep
  • Integrity- Junior Prep



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