Tumbling Classes

All tumbling classes are 1 hour long and run month to month.  Classes are skill specific and you must test out in a skill before you can progress to the next level.  If you are unsure of what class you should sign up for please contact us so that we can place you in the appropriate level.


Skill Focus: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, front walkovers, back walkovers, standing back-handsprings, round off back-handsprings. 


Skill Focus: toe touch back-handsprings, round off multiple back-handsprings, standing multiple back-handsprings, punch fronts, front handspring step out round off back handspring multiples.


Skill Focus: standing tucks, standing back-handspring tucks, standing mulitple back handspring tucks, punch front step out combo passes, round off back-handspring tuck, layout, and whips


Skill Focus: full, double full, multiple back handsprings to full and double, toe touch tucks, arabians, ans all elite level combo passes.


This is an opportunity for the athlete to work through skills without the drills of their normal tumbling classes.  This will offer a less structured environment with athletes of all levels.  Open gym is first come first serve and can be sigend up for 15 minutes prior to the class starting.

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