Full Year Regional Prep Teams

This program was developed for athletes and families that want to experience All-Star cheer, but without the big time commitments and cost.  All-star prep routines incorporiate tumbling, jumping, dancing, motion technique, stunting, overall performance, and choreography which are important in putting together a successful team.  


  • Full Year Regional Prep teams offer the National All Star feel without the same time commitment, travel, & cost
  • Half the time commitment
  • Half the cost
  • Teams will compete locally and have the opportunity to win national titles
  • Perfect for athletes and families that are juggling a number of commitments, and are wanting a taste off All Star Cheer before making a full commitment to a National All Star Squad

Teams are formed by the age bracket below governed by USASF.


All-Star Prep Age Brackets

  • Tiny- 5-6 Years Old
  • Mini- 5-8 Years Old
  • Youth-5-11 Years Old
  • Junior- 5-14 Years Old
  • Senior- 10-17 Years Old

*Age as of August 31 for the upcoming season



Practice for these teams will be held once a week.  Team placement will determine the actual practice times.



The competetion schedule will have 3 to 4 regional competitions that will not require overnight travel.  



Monthly tuition payments will include monthly tuition, comp fees, camp fees, one tumbling class a week, and coaches fees.  Unlimited tumbling can be added for an additional fee.  


Full-Year Prep Teams




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